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#678 MRI essentials for runners, slice size matters

If you recently got an MRI and then looked at the MRI report, it may seem like a bunch of gibberish.

What you really want to see is a picture of the actual injury.

So you do the most reasonable thing…you try to look at the actual MRI images to see if you can see the stuff mentioned in the report.

You put your MRI disc in your computer, or you go on an online viewing portal and you pull up your MRI images to try to make sense of it.

You’re trying to figure out if it really picked up your injury or not.

Did the MRI miss my plantar plate sprain?
Can the MRI show me the actual crack in the bone?
Where is the tear in the tendon or ligament?

This episode on the size of the slices might help you. It will also help you a lot if you’re going in to get an MRI because you have an injury and your doctor is going to order an MRI.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about MRI essentials for runners, slice size matters.

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#675 MRI essentials for Runners, T1 vs T2 images

If you’re a runner who got injured and got an MRI, I’ll bet that you’ve already tried to look at it…but you have simply no idea what you’re looking at.

You see there are more than a hundred images of your foot on the MRI. So, you’re not even sure where to start. MRI’s can be really overwhelming!

But MRI images are not really that complicated.

In this series on how to read your own MRI, I’m going to break it down and help you understand your own MRI images, especially if you want to see what was in the MRI report from the radiologist.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about MRI Essentials for Runners, T1 versus T2 Images.

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