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#436 Ask better questions at the doctor for an overtraining injury

Today’s episode comes from a live Q&A. We hold these sessions for runners enrolled in the self-diagnosis courses, and those in group coaching sessions, who just want to make sure that they’re staying on track and getting back to running as quickly as possible.

We were talking about why injured runners should ask better questions.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about how to ask better questions at the doctor, for an over-training injury.

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#435 What can cause aching pain a year after a metatarsal stress fracture?

This episode actually comes from a recent live Q&A I did with recovering injured runners and during these calls you can come on and you can ask me anything that you want about your specific situation.

This was a really great question that came from one of the runners on the call and he was concerned about this discomfort he was getting in his foot a full year after he had a metatarsal stress fracture.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about what can cause aching pain in the top of the foot a year after a metatarsal stress fracture?

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