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#700 How pneumonia made my Kona dream come true

It’s no secret that I enjoy Ironman triathlons. I did 15 of them, and the last one I did was the Ironman World Championships. That doesn’t mean I’m fast. It just means I’m stubborn. But when I was a kid, I was obsessed with Ironman Hawaii and I decided that I was going to do Kona. You never know what good or “bad” things can happen to help you fulfill your dreams. Long story short, the day before I was going to leave for Hawaii, literally the day before I was getting on the plane, I was in my doctor’s office and he said that I could not possibly do Ironman Hawaii because I had pneumonia. But it turns out the Universe is always conspiring to make dreams come true. Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about how pneumonia made my Kona dream come true.

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