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#616 What is a “bone bruise” at an old fracture site?

I was just giving 3 lectures on running injuries at a medical conference in Las Vegas.

As is often the case, after one of my lectures one of the physicians in the audience approached me in the hallway to ask a question.

What do you do with activity level when somebody has an old fracture where the bone was broken long ago?

The runner recently had a re-injury at that spot. It has been painful, it’s been swelling, and he’s trying to figure out what to do.

What’s a bone bruise at an old fracture site? Is it a big problem or a little problem?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run podcast.

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#474 Can I run if my fracture is not yet healed on x-ray?

I was just doing a call with a runner who started running before his fracture was healed on the x-ray.
In fact his regular doctor said he couldn’t run on it until the x-rays showed healing.
I let him start running on it, in a very structured way. Now he is back to full running.
If the bone is always getting stronger while it is healing, do you really need to wait until the x-ray finally proves it has fully healed?
Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about whether or not you can run if you fracture is not yet healed on x-ray.

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#468 Recovering after fracture should I ramp up running intensity today?

If you want to get back to running faster after a foot fracture (or any overtraining injury), the whole key is make sure that you are increasing your activity to get stronger, instead of just sitting around and waiting, while you get weaker.
But the only way you can do that is with constant readjustment based on how you feel and what happens in response to that activity during that recovery process.
This episode is about runner with a healing fracture who was told by a doctor, “don’t run.” Instead he was supposed to wait for another x-ray to prove it was healed.
And after I did a consultation call with him, I actually cleared him to start running now.
Today on the Doc on the Run Podcast, we’re talking about a recovering runner with a fracture who wants to ramp up his intensity today.

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#433 What is a posterior process talus fracture?

I just had a discussion with a runner during a telemedicine second opinion.

She rolled her ankle and went to the emergency room. They gave her a brace to stabilize the ankle and an ACE wrap to compress it.

She started some rehab exercises, and frankly she improved a lot.

But when she got back to running, she had intermittent pain in the back of her ankle.

This was not the same spot where she got the sprain.

She called because this pain has now been going on for a long time, and when she got an x-ray someone told her she might have a posterior process fracture of the talus.

She asked me, “What exactly is a posterior process fracture?”

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about posterior process fractures of the talus.

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#398 If your hand was broken, would you walk on it?

I was just doing a telemedicine, second opinion consultation with an elite triathlete was ramping up for an event and got a metatarsal stress fracture.

In this particular case, the doctor looked at his x-rays and told him that she thought she saw a crack in the bone on the x-ray. But she wasn’t really 100% sure.

He asked me a really great question…

“If it doesn’t really hurt that much, is it okay if I walk on it?”

Today on Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about if your hand was broken, would you walk on it?

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#341 From broken heels to whole champion Barbara Edelston Peterson

Just for a moment I want you to imagine something. You made a decision to become a champion. And after years of continual effort and constant training you have won a World Championship.

Today you are packing and getting ready to travel to Switzerland to defend your European title. And then you fall and break both heel bones. In that painful moment everything changes.

You aren’t getting on a plane to go to defend your European title. Instead you’re going to the emergency room.

The question is what would you do to rebuild your life and your own self-perception as an is athlete immediately after that kind of injury.

Today the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking with Barbara Edelston Peterson about what she did to go from two broken heel bones becoming a Whole Champion.

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#313 Skip a day to skip ahead in your injury recovery

Yesterday I was speaking to an ultra-marathoner who had a metatarsal fracture. 

Fortunately, the broken bone has been healing well and she’s back to running.

But during our discussion yesterday she revealed something interesting. She was running every day.  Just 3 miles…every day.

During that discussion I was trying to help her understand how it is that running every day, even short distances, in fact, extremely short by her standards as an ultramarathoner, those every day runs could actually put her at risk of re-injuring the metatarsal fracture.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast were talking about how you should skip a day to skip ahead in your injury recovery.

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#254 Difference in healing time of old fracture vs recent fracture

A runner and a listener to the podcast recently sent in a question regarding how long it takes to heal an old fracture versus a new fracture.

There are many risk factors for developing problems with healing a broken bone.

Each year there are about six million broken bones the United States. Somewhere between 5% and 10% of all of those fractures do not heal as quickly as we would hope and turn into what is called a fracture non-union or a delayed union.

A “fracture non-union” is just what it sounds like. It means to the fractured pieces of bone did not unite. They did not get back together and the fracture just did not heal.

A “delayed union” is a broken bone that isn’t healing as quickly as we would expect.

Today on the Doc On Run Podcast we’re talking about the difference in healing time of an “old fracture” vs a “recent fracture.”

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#222 What if I run and my broken toe does not heal?

I just got off a call with a runner who broke his little toe and he is trying to get back to running.

Pain when running is one signal that you are disrupting the healing process.

His main question was if he could run without pain, is it okay to run on the broken toe before it is fully healed?

He is concerned that if he runs and the broken toe doesn’t heal, that would obviously lead to problems and he doesn’t want to have a non-healed broken toe.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about what happens if you run and your broken toe does not heal.

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#218 Races do not cause running injuries

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we’re talking about how races don’t cause running injuries. Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we’re talking about how races don’t cause running injuries. Races don’t cause injury. If you signed up for a marathon and you tell enough people, you might hear somebody tell […]

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