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#721 Most valuable stretches after a running injury

Everybody’s short on time. This is true for runners in training, but it’s also true for injured runners.

If you’re trying to make progress as fast as possible, you really have to do the things that will give you the most progress in the least amount of time.

Many runners I talk to on a second opinion consultation webcam call really want to know which stretches will help them. Specifically, which two or three stretches will help the most.

What are the most valuable stretches you can do after a running injury?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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#720 3 reasons for Cheilectomy failure after Hallux Rigidus surgery

If you have a condition called “hallux rigidus” or “hallux limitus,” the name tells you what’s wrong.

“Hallux” means big toe.

“Rigidus” means the big toe joint doesn’t move at all.

“Limitus” just means the big toe joint movement is limited and stiff.

There are three problems with hallux rigidus, which are: 1) damage to the cartilage, 2) bone spurs around the joint and 3) restriction of the soft tissues such that the toe doesn’t move up and down the way it should.

Those three reasons that cause the condition are the same reasons that can fail if you have a cheilectomy surgery.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about three reasons for cheilectomy failure after hallux rigidus surgery.

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