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#474 Can I run if my fracture is not yet healed on x-ray?

I was just doing a call with a runner who started running before his fracture was healed on the x-ray.
In fact his regular doctor said he couldn’t run on it until the x-rays showed healing.
I let him start running on it, in a very structured way. Now he is back to full running.
If the bone is always getting stronger while it is healing, do you really need to wait until the x-ray finally proves it has fully healed?
Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about whether or not you can run if you fracture is not yet healed on x-ray.

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#468 Recovering after fracture should I ramp up running intensity today?

If you want to get back to running faster after a foot fracture (or any overtraining injury), the whole key is make sure that you are increasing your activity to get stronger, instead of just sitting around and waiting, while you get weaker.
But the only way you can do that is with constant readjustment based on how you feel and what happens in response to that activity during that recovery process.
This episode is about runner with a healing fracture who was told by a doctor, “don’t run.” Instead he was supposed to wait for another x-ray to prove it was healed.
And after I did a consultation call with him, I actually cleared him to start running now.
Today on the Doc on the Run Podcast, we’re talking about a recovering runner with a fracture who wants to ramp up his intensity today.

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#384 How long does tissue take to heal so I can run?

I get questions all the time on social media from people who want to know if they can run, and at the base of their question is really, how long does it take for some particular injury to heal?
There’s actually a wide variety of timelines on how long it takes for all of different injuries to different types of tissues to heal, even depending upon anatomic location.
Your age plays into the timeline for healing running injuries
Today on the Doc On The Run podcast we’re talking about how long tissue takes to heal so you can run.

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#364 What is traction neuritis?

If you over-stretch any nerve it can become inflamed and painful.
If you roll your ankle on a trail you can get a condition called traction neuritis.
Most of the time when I am on a telemedicine or second opinion call with a runner with traction neuritis, they have been misdiagnosed with some other condition.
If you understand how to tell the difference, you can understand how to get back to running sooner.
Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about traction neuritis in a runner and what it really means.

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#359 How running injuries compare to savings accounts

I am sure that you have heard your running buddies use an analogy:

“We just banked another long run.”

“We got another hard workout in the bank.”

All these efforts and investments in our training add up. They create this great store of energy for us. The accumulation of fitness is what prepares us for a marathon an Ironman, or an ultra-marathon.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about how running injuries are a lot like a savings account.

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#292 Coronavirus lockdown unless you are a runner

Yesterday I was looking at the latest news story about the coronavirus lockdown in Italy. Strict lockdown.

Don’t go out of your house.

Government orders.

And the representative image in the news story showed a street scene of beautiful Italian architecture in Florence Italy.

There was only one person on the street. And that person was a runner, who was running.

So while we are afraid to go to the grocery store, or that someone might cough on us while we’re getting gas, we all want to go out for run. Even under the threat of personal harm or imprisonment…we want to run.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about the coronavirus and how it has you on lockdown, unless you’re a runner.

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#147 How much stress reduction does your foot need to heal and run?

Any over-training running injury is caused by too much stress applied to that one structure. Once it starts to heal and you are trying to return to running, you have to keep the overall amount of stress applied to that one healing structure low enough so it can continue to heal even while you ramp up your activity.

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