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#888 Can I run after cortisone injection for a neuroma?

I was just on a second opinion call with a runner. He is a triathlete, and he has had a long course of foot trouble. He was diagnosed with a plantar plate injury, but was not getting better. We figured out some missing pieces of his recovery puzzle and developed a plan of action. Well, he acted on that game plan and turns out he had been misdiagnosed. What he has is a neuroma (not a plantar plate sprain). He went back to his doctor and she then wanted to inject his foot with cortisone, but he had a race coming up. And then he said, “Well, this is the problem. This is why I am calling you again, is that when I saw her, she said you have a neuroma so let’s go ahead and inject it with cortisone.” Can I run a race after a corticosteroid injection for a neuroma? Well, that is a great question and that is what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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