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#727 3 ways runners lose fitness after an ankle sprain

The first thing any runner should do when you roll your ankle is protect the ankle from further injury. In fact, the algorithm doctors use to treat ankle sprains is P. R. I. C. E.

P stands for Protection, meaning don’t roll it again. Don’t make it worse. Then, Rest it. Ice it. Use Compression to keep it from swelling. Elevate it to get the fluid out if it’s really swollen.

So, what happens is, you’re a runner, you’re out on a trail and you roll your ankle. What happens if you don’t follow the PRICE method?

It just might take a whole lot longer before it gets better.

What are the most common three ways I see runners lose all their fitness after they get an ankle sprain?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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#714 Foot pain that is truly a pain in the butt

What would be worse than not being able to run because you had foot pain that didn’t get better for a year or two?

I know one thing that would be worse… Having foot surgery to treat a problem that was not actually even located in the foot.

Think about that. You had pain in your foot for two years. Then some doctor convinces you to have surgery, only to find out there was no problem with the tendon.

You stop running. You have surgery. You wait for your stitches to heal. You have to stay off your feet until the incision is all healed.

And your foot pain does not change at all.

Sounds crazy, but this can happen. And it’s most likely to occur when you have something called referred pain. The pain in your foot might be actually caused by nerve compression deep to your glues maximus…that’ right…in your butt.

Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast we are talking about foot pain that is truly a pain in the butt!

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