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#771 What size compression socks should I buy?

Compression socks are a useful tool when recovering from a running injury. Just a little compression can gently squeeze all that inflammatory fluid out of your foot, your ankle and your leg.

I was talking to a runner yesterday who asked me about the best compression sock sizing. She was worried that if the socks were too tight, they could hurt her fracture when she was pulling the socks on. That is a totally valid concern!

If it hurts when you’re pulling on compression socks, you might actually be stretching, straining, and stressing the injured tissue. All that added stress could prolong your recovery.

But if the compression socks are too loose, then you don’t get much benefit. Size matters.

What size compression socks should I buy if I have a running injury?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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One critical mistake runners make when flying to a race

Destination races hold a lot of appeal. Awe inspiring scenery. Amazing cultural experiences. Fast, flat courses.

We spend countless hours and significant sums of money just getting to some of these destination marathons and triathlons.

Obviously, if you are heading to a key race in a far-away place, you want to have the best race possible.

Incredibly, many runners make one simple but crucial mistake that can truly hamper the chances of success in finishing under your goal time.

Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast, we’re talking about the one critical mistake runners make when flying to a race.

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