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#290 Should a runner take steroids for chronic tendinitis?

Any diagnosis ending in “-itis” means inflammation. If you have inflammation in the tendons, a short course of oral corticosteroids will help to shut off the inflammatory response and reduce the inflammation. 

It took me nine years to get my spot at the Ironman World Championships. And unfortunately I got pneumonia right before the race. 

I had to take oral corticosteroids preceding and during Ironman Hawaii. Now to be clear, I did the race, but I did not run at all for two months after Ironman Hawaii.

I wasn’t resting. I wasn’t recovering. I was concerned that I would develop an Achilles tendon problems as a consequence of running immediately after having finished the course of oral corticosteroids. 

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about whether or not a runner should take steroids for chronic tendinitis.

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