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#381 How are tight calves related to metatarsal stress fractures?

This episode comes from a question from a runner, who wanted to know what it means when calf muscles are tight and you have metatarsal stress fractures.
He wrote in and said, “Hey doc, I meant to inquire about stress fractures in the metatarsal joints and how you can tell. I have a friend who’s experienced a stress fracture, and he says his calves seemed to tighten up when the pain developed.”
There are really two ways tight calf muscles can be related to metatarsal stress fractures. One is the cause. The other is an effect.
Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about how tight calves are related to metatarsal stress fractures in runners.

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#377 Does plantar plate sprain cause tight calves

A plantar plate ligament sprain can cause aching pain in the ball of the foot when you run.

Plantar plate sprains are caused by excess stress applied to the ligament at the base of the toe. 

If you want to heal it and keep running, you have to decrease the stress and strain on the plantar plate, and address the root cause of the injury.

A runner with a plantar plate sprain, and tight calf muscles, had a great question:

Does the plantar plate ligament cause tight calf muscles, or can a tight calf muscle cause a plantar plate sprain?

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about whether a plantar plate sprain causes tight calf muscles in runners, or other way around.

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