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#615 Runner has a neuroma and bursitis, which is worse?

When you have two painful problems in different parts of the same foot, things can get complicated.

I recently had a call with an injured runner with a couple of different problems.

On the outside of his foot, between the third and fourth toes, he has a painful neuroma. The other problem is that he’s got bursitis. The inflamed bursa is in a completely different place, no where near the irritated nerve.

When a runner has two injuries, like a neuroma on one side of the foot and bursitis on the other side of the foot, which one is worse?

Which one should you pay attention to first?

Well, that’s a great question and that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run podcast.

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#395 Plantar heel bursitis misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis

I was just doing a telemedicine call with a runner with a long history of plantar fasciitis, that has not been getting better. She had been doing stretches, icing, and even an injection of corticosteroids around the plantar fascia.

We were doing a second opinion telemedicine call to talk about what’s really going on. We talked about her whole history. She had been keeping track and has kept a pain journal.

During this one hour second opinion call, we figured out that she had been misdiagnosed.

We figured out she actually had bursitis on the bottom of the heel.

Today on the Doc On The Run podcast, we’re talking about plantar heel bursitis, misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis.

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#380 Does a painful red big toe joint mean I have gout?

I was just doing telemedicine visit with a runner who has a red, painful big toe joint.
Gout is an accumulation of painful sharp crystals in the joint.
Gout certainly can cause your big toe joint to become red, hot, swollen and painful.
But gout is only one of three different conditions that might cause big toe joint pain.
The pattern of redness around the big toe joint can help you decide which condition might be causing the problem if you are a runner.
Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about whether or not a a painful red big toe joint means a runner has gout.

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