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#326 3 mistakes runners make with ankle sprains

I was just on a telemedicine call with a patient. We were doing a webcam call and she had been running on a trail, rolled her ankle, and had a really bad ankle sprain.

Her ankle was black and blue, swollen, and really painful. She was having trouble walking. This is a really active runner who wants to get back to running as quickly as she can.

Running on trails is obviously a little more difficult and puts you at a little more risk of having another ankle sprain just because it’s an irregular, undulating, unpredictable surface.

So in my discussion with her, I realized that there are three major mistakes that runners often make when they roll an ankle running on a trail and want to get back to running after they heal.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast we’re talking about the three biggest mistakes runners make with ankle sprains.

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