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Surgical Second Opinions

Foot and Ankle Surgery Second Opinions

Our foot & ankle surgeon has a unique perspective on foot and ankle injuries.  He is a rock climber, skier, marathon runner, and Ironman triathlete.  Because of this, he understands when someone has an injury and wants to get better, just to get back to activity.  He understands that the common doctor’s notion of “just stop running” or “find another hobby,” or “take up Scrabble” are all unacceptable to the athletically minded.  He believes that any active athlete can suffer an injury yet return to sport stronger than ever.  For this reason, many patients seek out his expertise for foot surgery second opinions.

Dr. Segler offers three options for second opinion consultations. 

• San Francisco Bay Area in-person exam and evaluation.

 Out-of State San telephone consultation.

 International/Remote Second Opinion Evaluation. 


San Francisco Bay Area in-person exam and evaluation:

There is a tremendous demand for Dr. Segler’s surgical expertise in reconstructive surgery. Unfortunately, he can only accept revisional reconstructive foot surgery cases on a limited basis. If you have already had foot surgery by another doctor, but would like to be evaluated to see if Dr. Segler can help, you must compete the Second Opinion Application before an appointment will can be scheduled. Once the completed form is returned to us, a decision will be made about whether or not Dr. Segler believes a second opinion evaluation will be valuable to you. If your case is accepted, an appointment will be scheduled.  The rate for a second opinion evaluation (which can be made during a podiatry house call appointment in the San Francisco Bay Area) is $500.00. There is no additional fee for reading existing X-Ray films, MRI, or CT scan films. However, you must have those films in your possession at the time of the initial appointment. 

Out-of State and Overseas telephone consultation:

Because of the number of articles, abstracts, and publications Dr. Segler has published, he frequently receives requests for consultations. He has provided case discussions and surgical consultations from Asia, the United Emirates, England to New Zealand.

For those U.S. residents who would simply like to have a Skype web-consult or telephone conversation with a nationally-recognized foot and ankle expert, he provides this service at a rate of $350.  


International/Remote Second Opinion Evaluation:

For those overseas who would like to have a thourough and complete review of a current injury, lower extremity deformity or other condition, a more extensive case evaluation can be performed remotely.  

The “International/Remote Second Opinion Evaluation” includes the following:

• Patient intake history and initial evaluation of the injury via email, webinar, or telephone interview.

• Evaluation of all medical records/treating physician notes.

• Evaluation of all physical therapy records/treating physical therapy notes.

• Evaluation of all available X-ray films and/or reports.

• Evaluation of all available Ultrasound images and/or reports.

• Evaluation of all available MRI films and/or reports.

• Evaluation of all available CT scan films and/or reports.

• Evaluation of all available Bone Scan films and/or reports.

• Evaluation of all available laboratory test results and/or reports.

From this evaluation Dr. Segler will determine and provide the following:

• Reasonable patient expectations for the immediate recovery period.

• Reasonable patient expectations for the long-term recovery period.

• Physician/Surgeon opinion about the long-term consequences and limitations that may be expected with the injury.

• Determination of whether or not surgery is likely necessary to recover and meet patient goals.

• Written second opinion with complete non-surgical treatment plan.

• Complete explanation of the non-surgical treatments recommended, including risks and benefits of deferring surgery.

• Written second opinion with complete surgical treatment plan, if surgery is recommended.

• Complete explanation of the surgical procedure recommended, including risks and benefits.

• Discussion of other adjunctive treatment options (such as functional bracing, orthotics therapy, physical therapy, etc). 

• Opportunity for the patient to discuss directly with Dr. Segler all of the above, to ensure complete understanding of the injury, recommended treatment, and other treatment alternatives. 

• Access to Dr. Segler’s surgical expertise in the San Francisco Bay Area, should surgery be required and if the patients prefers/chooses Dr. Segler over surgical treatment in the patient’s home country. Keep in mind that in many cases, a treating surgeon can implement  the recommended surgical plan, if the patient so chooses. (Surgical fees are not included in the initial consultation. Rates can be provided upon request.)

To perform the “International/Remote Second Opinion Evaluation” we will need the following:

• a completed Intake History and Initial Evaluation form*

• copies of all available physician/surgeon medical records/notes*.

• copies of all available physical therapy records/treating physical therapy notes*.

• copies of all available X-ray films and reports*.

• copies of all available Ultrasound images and/or reports*.

• copies of all available MRI films and/or reports*.

• copies of all available CT scan films and/or reports*.

• copies of all available Bone Scan films and/or reports*.

• copies of all available laboratory test results and/or reports*.

• International/Remote Second Opinion Evaluation fee of $350.00 (USD) payable by cashier’s check, traveler’s check, credit card, debit card, wire transfer or Paypal. 

•  *all records must be transcribed in English.

•  *IMPORTANT: send ONLY COPIES of records, films, x-rays, MRI, CT, etc. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL RECORDS. Copies of records and films must be maintained by Dr. Segler and cannot be returned.

• While it is not required that you obtain all of these records, please keep in mind that the more information Dr. Segler has to evaluate your injury, current condition and response to treatments, the more accurate your diagnosis and prognosis will be. In addition, if you can make all of these records available to us for review, it will be much easier for us to have a full discussion regarding your condition. The goal of this consultation is to make sure you understand why your current treatments have been initiated and what else might be considered to further improve your recovery.

As soon as payment is processed and all available supporting records have been received, Dr. Segler will review in detail all of the aspects of your injury/condition and information available in your case. We like to ensure that the valuable time of our clients is respected. Dr. Segler will formulate a list of focused questions to discuss with you so that your personal interview will be highly productive. As soon as this is completed (typically within 1 business day of receiving all records) we will schedule the personal interview at a time that is convenient for you.  We will then conduct the telephone or webinar interview between you and Dr. Segler. 

Within 24 hours of competing the patient/surgeon interview, Dr. Segler will provide the written treatment plan and recommendations as outlined above. Answers to questions regarding the treatment plan will be provided in one follow-up email. If additional follow-up telephone calls or webinars are desired by the patient for further clarification, to discuss changes in the recovery, or to discuss other treatment options, this can be arranged at a flat rate of $350.00 (USD). If additional follow-up emails are desired by the patient for further clarification, to discuss changes in the recovery, or to discuss other treatment options, this can be arranged at a flat rate of $350.00 (USD). The first follow-up question and answer email is included in the “International/Remote Second Opinion Evaluation fee ” at no additional cost. 

If you would like to proceed, please notify us of how you would like to pay for the consultation, how soon you can arrange delivery of the medical records, MRI films, X-ray films, etc. 

If surgery or an in-person consultation is deemed necessary, we can also assist with arranging travel and local accommodations.  

World Wide Access:

If you have a need for an internet/web/video conferencing consultation with on of Dr. Segler’s areas of expertise, please contact our office to make arrangements. This service is not billable to insurance carriers. 

Call to schedule your second opinion expert consultation:

Dr. Christopher Segler is a nationally recognized foot and ankle surgeon. He practices free of the limitations mandated by in-network insurance participation and offers extended time, individualized attention and empathetic expertise.  If you have a question about whether or not your foot or ankle problem needs treatment, you can ask to speak with him directly by calling (415) 308-0833