SF Podiatrist Lectures on Barefoot Running Biomechanics

SF Podiatrist Lectures on Barefoot Running Biomechanics

Barefoot Running: Good Idea or Bad? San Francisco Podiatrist explains to other doctors.

Lake Tahoe, CA – Friday, February 1, 2013. 

In the evening hours on the second day of the International Foot & Ankle Foundation meeting, Dr. Christopher Segler, of Doc On The Run San Francisco took to the podium to share his knowledge of barefoot running biomechanics and experience in working with elite endurance runners and triathletes.

During the talk, Dr. Segler explained that “It doesn’t really matter if you as a foot ankle physician believe in the concept of barefoot running or natural running form. This is a growing movement among runners and you have a responsibility to understand the appeal to runners and the unique biomechanics of barefoot running form. With that knowledge base you can:

1) Appreciate what your patients are trying to accomplish by running in minimalist shoes and why it is important to them.

2) Determine which patients can actually decrease their risk of developing overuse running injuries by incorporating barefoot running form drills into their training.

3) Decide which patients are at increased risk of stress fracture, tendinitis, and other potentially debilitating running injuries that might result from barefoot running.”

He continued “As foot and ankle experts, it is our responsibility to advise these patients on the ways to optimize their training, help them avoid injury and increase the enjoyment they get from running. You simply cannot accomplish that with some runners unless you understand the basic concepts of barefoot running biomechanics and minimalist footwear. This talk will help you and hence, your minimalist runners.”

Dr. Segler has generously made the PDF of the lecture slides available so that other clinicians who attended the conference can reference them when they see barefoot runners in their sports medicine and podiatry practices.


Dr. Christopher Segler is a nationally-known running injury expert and 10-time Ironman triathlon finisher who believes that the doctor’s job is to keep runners running. He lectures several times per year at medical conferences on the running biomechanics and the treatment of complicated running injuries. His sports medicine practice his based in San Francisco, CA but he is licensed in multiple states. He provides remote consultations for elite athletes, marathon runners and triathletes all over the globe. If you are a minimalist runner with a barefoot running injury question, or a physician with a biomechanics question, you can call him directly at 415-308-0833.