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Neuroma Treatment for Runners

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Morton’s neuromas are basically all the same. The problem is that runners are different than “normal” patients. If you get a Morton’s neuroma and you are a runner, you need to understand the different treatment options that are available to you. I will show you why runners should be treated differently.
A neuroma is basically an inflamed, continually irritated nerve in your foot. So obviously if you want it to get it too heal you have to decrease the inflammation and decrease the mechanical irritation of that nerve.
So they are basically three initial treatment steps to getting the nerve to calm down when you have a Morton’s neuroma.
This video will explain exactly how and why runners should do contrast bath soaks to reduce inflammation when healing a running injury.
The simplest and best initial treatment for a neuroma is a neuroma pad. You may have seen this described as a metatarsal pad. Either way, the idea is pretty simple.
If you place a teardrop shaped domed pad underneath the metatarsal bones in your foot it will actually decrease some of the pressure on the nerve but it will also lift and separate the metatarsal bones to spread them apart slightly. You can order these pads online.
This video will help you understand how certain shoes can decease the stress and strain placed on healing structures in the ball of the foot, like metatarsal stress fractures, neuroma, plantar plate sprain and osteochondritis.
This video will explain why doctors like to do a corticosteroid (cortisone) injection for neuroma treatment in runners.
How doctors treat neuroma pain in runners as an alternative to surgery.


Keep in mind, that if you are not getting better, you may have been mis-diagnosed.

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