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Why is Doc On The Run different?

Dr. Segler is actually in the community every day leading, giving advice, and helping you run!

You are not alone! You will be surrounded by other like-minded runners who are members of the Doc On The Run community.

Realistic recommendations from a real running expert! We understand what it’s like to be told “you need to stop running.” We know what it’s like to think about canceling a race. But in most cases, you really don’t have to.

We are doing this for YOU! Doc On The Run is a true passion project. Our goal is to help runners like you recover as quickly as possible, get back to running and keep running. Our goal is to help 100,000 runners recover
from running injuries without the time-wasting “help” of a standard conventional doctor visit. We want to help you run! Join today!

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Access to every Doc On the Run eCourse
Free Download of the Runner’s Heel Pain book
Weekly Q&A webinar (where you can get actual answers direct from Dr. Segler)
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Community of like-minded runners
Exclusive access to Doc On The Run!
(Dr. Segler personally answers forum questions on a daily basis)
Guaranteed spot on the Doc On The Run Podcast
1 on 1 private coaching during a Doc On The Run Podcast with Dr. Segler ($350 value)
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Runner's Heel Pain Course

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Ball of Foot Pain Course

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Metatarsal Stress Fracture Rapid Recovery For Runners

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Plantar Plate Sprain Treatment for Runners

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Crutch Transition Course

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Runner's Heel Pain Course discounted

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