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Lisfrancs Injury

A Lisfranc’s Injury is a traumatic injury of the tarsaometatarsal complex in the midfoot. This area on the top of the foot is where the 5 metatarsal bones connect with the lesser tarsal bones (medial cuneiform bone, intermediate cuneiform bone, lateral cuneiform bone, and cuboid bone). There is one main ligament in the midfoot that stabilized Lisfranc’s joint.  The ligament is called Lisfranc’s ligament.  If it is ruptured or torn, all of these joints become unstable.  If not corrected surgically, long-term pain and arthritis of the foot can result.

These injuries are frequently missed in Emergency rooms.  In fact, in one study (for which Dr. Segler won an award from the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons) it was found that Emergency Room Physicians missed 98.6% of all of the signs of these injuries on x-ray. If you have midfoot pain, bruising or swelling, you simply must see a foot specialist.  

Dr. Christopher Segler is an San Francisco Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon who has a special interest in foot fracture patterns. His research on Lisfranc’s fractures won an award from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He offers second opinion consultations for those patients in San Francisco who have foot pain that just isn’t getting better. In many cases he can even evaluate the problem during a house call appointment at your home or office. To find out what might be causing your foot pain, call (415) 308-0388