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Runner’s Rapid Recovery Journal

Don’t really understand even where to begin then you need to get focused. The best way for any recovering runner to get focused is to work through the exercises I have created for you in the Runners Rapid Recovery Journal. You can get an instant download version today. You need to figure out what your goal is, you need to figure out what mistakes you’re making and you need to figure out what you already know how to do that you’re not doing right now. The Runners Rapid Recovery Journal will help you figure that out. Get it now and get unstuck! 

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Runner’s Rapid Recovery Journal

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Step-by-Step guide to focusing only on what matters, taking all of your training experience and shifting it into recovery, achieving your goals as quickly as possible.

  • Take action and discover how you can speed up recovery, develop a plan and process for running as fast as possible.
  • Define your goal, so you can get into gear
  • Define what “healed” means to your running goals
  • How to use pain and progress as your guides
  • Daily tracking exercises every day for 30 days
  • 91 pages