#880 What sandals can I wear with hallux rigidus? - DOC

#880 What sandals can I wear with hallux rigidus?

What sandals can I wear with hallux rigidus? Well, that is a great question and that is what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.



When you have hallux rigidus, you have a problem, the big toe joint does not want to move. So, when you look at the foot, and we are looking at the big toe joint, what you really have is a problem where this joint, the first metatarsal phalangeal joint is getting stiff.

You have two bones in the toes, and you have the metatarsal. You have some little bones called sesamoids sitting underneath here, but in short, it gets stiff, and it does not want to move up as much. So, if you are trying to wear shoes that do not irritate the joint and make it worse, you do not want to bend the joint. So, in theory, you are impinging the joint.

This bone is hitting against this bone and it is moving and jamming. The less you move it, the less it is going to get bothered. In fact, if you wear really stiff shoes that do not bend at all, you can go a long time without any more damage to the joint but the more you move in and jam it and impinge the cartilage, crusts the cartilage, damage the cartilage, damage the bone underneath the cartilage, the more trouble you are going to get over time.

How can you do that? Well, one simple strategy. If you have really thin shoes that have no sole at all, that is cushioning you. Well, you have minimal or something like that. Well, this has to bend right? So, in order for you to walk, this has to bend right here. However, if you put a sole on there, like let’s say to exaggerate I,  we make some clogs, and the curvature is right underneath the toes. So, what happens when you walk? Well, when you walk, your foot, your heel comes up off the ground. This rolls, right. You just roll right across the shoe, you do not bend your foot at all.

If you get some shoes that have a steep curvature, a rocker and they are very, very stiff, they are made of wood or plastic or some super rigid material and this does not bend at all underneath you and it is curved, you do not have to bend the toes. That shoe rolls underneath you as you walk and that can provide a huge amount of relief for hallux rigidus.

Try to think about the shoes that are stiff and curved when you go looking for sandals and the thinner they are and the flatter they are, the more they are going to bend underneath you. So, try this and see if it may help now. The other side of that is if they are truly wood, you want to make sure there is some kind of cushioning and padding under there or your foot might get aggravated because it just too hard. That is particularly true if you have something like sesamoiditis associated with the hallux rigidus but if it is really just an issue of stiffness in the big toe joint, this might be on a long way to get you through the summer and sandals that are not only fashionable, but a lot more comfortable.

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