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#808 Most ignored part of a gout diet for runners

What is the most ignored part of a diet for somebody who’s a runner and thinks they have gout? Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.



If you think you have gout or your doctor said maybe you have gout, you might have heard about a gout specific diet. And what this really is, is it’s not a specific diet in terms of a plan necessarily as much.

It’s avoiding foods that are high in purines that can contribute to high blood levels of uric acid, because you cannot get an attack of gout until the level of uric acid goes up in your bloodstream high enough that you start to precipitate out those crystals of gout and have an attack.

So, what you have to do is you have to avoid things like organ meats, livers, shellfish, sweet breads, cherries, fruits and vegetables and things. Higher vitamin C might actually help, cherries can help, vitamin C can help. Some vegetables can help but things that have lots of fibrous meat or organ meats, well, those things can cause an attack with gout. You don’t want to have that.

But that’s often really difficult to follow, but the one thing I see runners missing is water. And it’s really simple. You run, you go for a long run, you get dehydrated, and you have an attack of gout. If that happens, remember it’s about concentration of the crystals, more water, lower concentration, less water, like you go for long run and get dehydrated, that’s when you can actually have a sudden attack of gout.

If you’re a runner and you have that issue, you want to check, you want to make sure that you’re hydrated. Make sure you’re staying hydrated, and that can be the biggest thing to reducing your attack of gout.

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