#713 Methodical testing is the key to running after injury - DOC

#713 Methodical testing is the key to running after injury

Methodical testing is the key to running after injury. That’s what were talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.



If you just got injured, your number one goal is to not lose your running fitness as your running injury heals.

If you were diagnosed with a running injury a while ago, you stopped running and now you’re just getting back to running after taking some time off, in that case your primary goal is to resume running without sustaining another overtraining injury, right when you start running again.  

What I teach runners in the Fast Track Challenge is how to find their unique fastest path back to running. It is all about methodical testing.

You have to add one work out, introduced one variable…and test it. You have to see what happens.

Do not increase speed and distance in the same workout!

For example, let’s say you been running 3 miles outside, three days a week. If you decide to increase your distance to 5 miles, you do not want to increase the speed (or pace) at which you’re running the day you bump up your mileage from 3 miles to 5 miles.

Do not increase speed and the force of gravity in the same workout.

For example, let’s say your last run on an Alter-G treadmill was 30 minutes at 75% of gravity (or 75% of your body weight) at a 10 minute per mile pace.

For your next workout you might decide run for 30 minutes (same time) but increase your pace to 9 minutes per mile. You do not want to increase the force of gravity I’m 75% to 80% on the same day, during the same workout.

That would be changing two variables at once. Big mistake!

Every run is a test run. Every run as an opportunity to determine whether or not that run is safer you given your state of recovery.

As a runner who is understandably desperate to get your fitness back, this is very difficult to do. But it is essential. Stay Strong. Be disciplined! Get strong faster.

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