#539 Restarting and Running Again After Surgery with Martha Runs The World - DOC

#539 Restarting and Running Again After Surgery with Martha Runs The World


Today on the Doc On the Run Podcast we have Martha Hughes back on the show. She is the host of the Martha Runs The World Podcast. Today we are talking about some basic principles and strategies for resuming running after surgery or a major over-training injury.

A couple of years ago Martha was on the podcast talking about how hip arthritis has impacted her running and how she has been able to gain a different perspective on her running goals.

Before we get started, maybe you can just share a little about your backstory, how the hip arthritis started and how it affected your running.

When a runner hears a doctor deliver a diagnosis of “arthritis” it’s pretty easy to start thinking your running days are numbered. But not for Martha! I think it has been less than 6 months since your surgery, but I saw a picture of you yesterday holding a medal.

Was there anything you did to prepare your body for the surgery, as a sort of “pre-hab”?

Anything you did that you think helped optimize the odds of getting back to running and recovering faster?

Let’s talk about your YouTube Series you recently created helping people start running, and how others might use that to actually begin running again after surgery or recovering from a running injury.

Martha Hughes – Martha Runs the World podcast

What surprised you in your journey from surgery, too recovery, to running again?

What is the one piece of advice you give to any injured runner who is just starting to get out if the injury / recovery zone and thinking about starting to get back to running?