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#360 Tell your friends they can Start Running in 3 Steps

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about the 3 steps you can give to any friend who wants to start running.

The chances are good a lot of your friends secretly admire your ability to run. Unfortunately it seems a lot of people who want to start running, but don’t think of themselves as runners find it very difficult to start

Sooner or later one of your friends is going to call you or talk to you and ask for some advice.

The real challenge and helping one of your friends begin running is to get them to go for the initial run, and be proud of themselves for doing it.

I really believe that we as runners to understand how good it makes us feel have an obligation to be as encouraging as possible to our friends, when they want to start running as well.

Tell your friends they can Start Running in 3 Steps.

Running can change who you are, how you think and the way you feel faster than anything else.

There are 3 simple steps anyone can take to become a runner. 

Remove all of the barriers to running. 

Don’t make it harder than it has to be. This morning I ran in shoes I bought 26 months ago. 

Should you run in running shoes for 26 months??? NOOOOOO!!!!!!

So, why did I run in those shoes?

Because I knew I was going to be here today trying to tell you (who’s listening right now you watching right now, that all it takes tis to run and just like that…you are a real runner and can be a runner too. You don’t need new shoes. You don’t need a GPS watch. You don’t need a fancy outfit. You just have to put on some shoes and go out the door.,,and move faster than walking. 

Step 1. Have the courage to start.

Decide you will go out today or tomorrow and run for 30 minutes. 

Running is defined as moving on 2 feet faster that a walking pace. 

If you run fast for 30 minutes…you went for a run. 

If you run slow for 30 minutes…you went for a run. 

If you run slow for 1 minute, then walk for 2 minutes, 10 times…you went for a 30 minute run.

Step 2. Tell yourself YOU ARE A RUNNER!

Once you finish your first run, no matter what, you are a runner. 

Put that on your mirror…. YOU ARE A RUNNER!

Don’t compare yourself to other runners, or foolishly start to believe you are not a “Real Runner”

Give yourself permission and the space to let your body catch up to your aspirations.

Step 3. Challenge accept every compliment, without apology or qualification


  1. Go for your first 30 minute run/walk. 
  2. When you get home write down YOU ARE RUNNER and put it on your mirror. 
  3. Tell one person you started running. 

**** Here’s the extra credit assignment:

When they tell you, “That’s awesome!” Don’t tell them you walked. Don’t tell them you ran slow. 

Just say, “You’re RIGHT, I’m awesome and I’m proud of myself.”  

Be proud of yourself….You’re a Runner.

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Go grab your seat now. I’ll see you in the training.