Thanks to a REAL Doc for a wonderful visit - DOC

Thanks to a REAL Doc for a wonderful visit

Thanks to a REAL Doc for a wonderful visit. I highly recommend him. Best visit I’ve had with a Doctor  in many years. He actually spent time listening to my version of what I felt was wrong. He sent me for x-rays prior to visit. Showed them to me and explained my problems in great detail. For a diabetic with foot problems that was a tremendous visit. I now understand what I need to do to correct my problem!!

That is MAJOR for a person like me who wants to continue walking on daily basis and prevent foot ulcers. I loved the explanations, the drawn illustrations and his in depth instructions on how to best solve my problems. Thank you for a wonderful visit, Doc. I also loved the fact that he came to me and I had no long wait in an office. What a joy to meet a Doc with a great personality and obviously a very caring person. Money very well spent and worth more than the charge…now you never find that today!! Appreciate your honesty also Doc. You are way cool !!”

       Barbara C., Pinckard, AL & Menlo Park, CA