Thank you so very much Dr Segler!!! You are the best!! - DOC

Thank you so very much Dr Segler!!! You are the best!!

Thank you so very much Dr Segler!!! You are the best!!    

My 4 year son has extreme flat feet. He has complained on and off of foot and leg pain for about a year. Repeated trips to Kaiser left us with, “it’s growing pains” and that he would grow out of it, “no need to do anything” Basically little answers. Continued pressure by us finally resulted in some x-rays and some attention. Long and short of it, we sought attention and opinions else where. Thankfully we found Dr. Segler. 

An amazing house visit that lasted about 2 hours. He is a professional through and through. He took the time to examine our son. He drew pictures and had models to help explain his findings. He provided options and weighed the pros and cons of everything he presented. He was patient, caring and an obvious expert in his field. We ordered a pair of custom fit orthotics. After only a week turn around for the orthotics, he made another house visit for the final fitting. 

What a drastic improvement these have made in my son’s life already. Monday was the first full day wearing the orthotics. The morning was spent at preschool where he said he showed some of his friends the colorful orthotics. He then came home with his mom and took the dog for a walk. They walked for just a little over a 1/2 mile; he never complained or stopped. Before he would complain of leg pain after walking about 2 blocks. Even after the walk he wanted to go outside and play kick ball. He then rode his bike. He was active on his feet all day with out being cranky and with out complaining of foot or leg pain. He himself says he loves them. 

We can’t thank you enough, we are so glad we found you. Thank you for your professionalism, your care and advice.”  

        Joe M., San Rafael, CA