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#374 Can you see Raynauds Phenomenon on an MRI in a runner?

Raynaud’s Phenomenon is an interesting condition in which spasms of small blood vessels cause changes in the skin color of the hands and feet. Raynaud’s phenomenon can also cause pain in the feet. Foot pain is also very common in runners.

Raynauds is one of those conditions that isn’t typically diagnosed with a blood test or and x-ray. The diagnosis is typically made “clinically” meaning the doctor hears your story, listens to your history and decides you probably have the condition, because nothing else fits.

The question is whether or not a runner who gets an MRI because of foot pain, might have something show up on the MRI images that can indicate Raynaud’s is contributing to the runner’s trouble.

Today on the Doc On The Run Podcast, we’re talking about wether or not you can see see Raynaud’s Phenomenon on an MRI in a runner.

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