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#418 My foot x-ray was negative. Could it still be broken?

This episode comes from a podcast listener who is training for the High Lonesome 100 mile race.

Kate wrote in to ask:

I rolled my foot at my child’s field day. I heard a crunch and immediately saw swelling and discoloration on the lateral midfoot area of my left foot. An x-ray was negative. A week later there is no change. I have not run but it is not healing. Could it be broken?

That’s a great question and that’s what we are talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast!

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#209 How to tell a bruise under the toenail from toenail fungus

Runners often get dark discoloration in the toenails. That discoloring can happen after long runs, trail runs, wearing ill-fitting running shoes or trauma.

The question is whether or not the dark brown, blue or black area in the toenail is just a bruise or something more ominous. 

If you get a bruise under the toenail, it will gradually get better.

If you get toenail fungus, it will gradually get worse.

Today on the Doc On the Run podcast we’re talking about how a runner can tell a bruise under the toenail from toenail fungus.

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