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#787 Can the toenail grow back if the root of the nail is removed by biopsy?

Bruised toenails are extremely common in runners. Many consider black and blue toenails a rite of passage when training for your first marathon.

However, if a bruise under the toenail appears without any trauma, it can be worrisome.

A solitary dark linear streak is alarming to dermatologists and podiatrists. Because if you get a solitary linear bruise that doesn’t drift out like a typical bruise under the nail usually does, your doctor might be concerned that you have something called acral-lentiginous melanoma.

If your doctor performs a tissue biopsy of the nail matrix to make sure you don’t have cancer, well, you might be worried that your nail is going to be deformed.

Can the toenail grow back normally if you remove part of the root of the nail because you had a biopsy?

Well, that’s what we’re talking about today on the Doc On The Run Podcast.

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