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San Francisco Podiatrist on Sports Drinks and Diabetes

San Francisco, CA – March 11, 2010: Dr. Christopher Segler (a runner and ironman triathlete in San Francisco) discusses a new study from UCSF about sports drinks implicated as causing diabetes. Although sports drinks are loaded with sugar, runners and triathletes need those sugars to keep up with the depletion of glycogen stores when they exercise. So don’t be concerned that drinking Gatorade or Powerade while you run will cause diabetes. Read the full story on MyRunningDoc for the details.

When asked if he would stop consuming sports drinks, Dr. Segler said, “Dave Scott made dates famous as a source of completely natural and healthy energy. I do eat dates before my long runs. But I don’t think I am ready to have dates sticking to my top tube or start running marathons with sticky dates in the waist band of my running shorts.

“Dr. Christopher Segler is a 10-time Ironman Finisher. He has a house calls based podiatry practice in San Francisco. When he sat for hours in a doctor’s waiting room, he realized that other athletes like himself would prefer to have a podiatrist come to their home or office for casting of custom orthotics and evaluation of heel pain and Achilles tendon problems. He serves those in the San Francisco Bay Area.