San Francisco Podiatrist Offers “One-Hour Ingrown Toenail Relief"

San Francisco Podiatrist Offers “One-Hour Ingrown Toenail Relief”

San Francisco Podiatrist explains the fastest cure for ingrown toenails.

San Francisco, CA – March, 1, 2010: Ingrown toenails are one of the most common (and most painful) foot problems treated by podiatrists. Many people will search the internet looking for the best ingrown toenail home remedies or quick fixes to cure the ingrown toenail. But local San Francisco podiatrist Dr. Christopher Segler has a better solution.

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“When anyone in San Francisco suffering from a painful or infected ingrown toenail picks up the phone and calls us, I can have their ingrown toenail removed in about one hour from the time they place the call,” the San Francisco based toenail surgeon explains.

The local foot doctor started offering house calls for ingrown toenails and other urgent podiatry problems in order to make sure that Bay Area residents don’t have to suffer while waiting for an appointment with a doctor at a podiatry clinic. From his central location, he can get to most areas of San Francisco in about thirty minutes. Ingrown toenails and other problems are treated right in the home. office, or hotel room.

If you are in San Francisco and have a red, swollen toe, no need to suffer any longer. Look at your watch… now imagine having complete relief from that ingrown toenail in just one hour, without even getting in the car or leaving your house. The podiatrist will come right to your home today.

Dr. Christopher Segler is a San Francisco Podiatrist specializing in toenail surgery. He believes that the best podiatrist in San Francisco is one who treats podiatry emergencies like ingrown toenails as urgent problems that need treatment now. He travels around the San Francisco Bay Area and sees patients in the homes, offices, and even hotel rooms to treat painful infected ingrown toenails. If you want relief from your ingrown toenail in an about an hour, you can reach him at (415) 308-0833.