San Francisco Foot Surgery Expert Invited to speak in Bangkok, Thailand - DOC

San Francisco Foot Surgery Expert Invited to speak in Bangkok, Thailand

December 16, 2011 – San Francisco, CA
Dr. Christopher Segler, a San Francisco based foot surgeon, researcher and sports medicine podiatrist was invited to present his published research at the 2012 EPS Global International Forum of Analytical Science to be held January 17-18, 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. 
“Dear Dr. Segler,
It is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to attend the EPS Global International Forum of Analytical Science and present your most recent research achievements and ideas at this meeting. This event will take place in Bangkok, Thailand during January 17-18, 2012, and includes oral, poster and video presentations. Please visit our website at and for program details.
Speakers of this conference will address some of the crucial and contemporary issues on analytical chemistry related to its development with coordination between different disciplines of analytical science. This forum will focus on the new developing currents of analytical science and the trends in the application such as pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection industry. The objective of this conference is to promote international exchange and progress in the field of analytical science, and to enhance international collaborations across the world. Leading scientists and researchers will be invited to present their most up-to-date information on this conference, exchange exciting ideas and powerful experiences as well as look into future developments during this conference. Participants will greatly benefit from meeting and interacting with the leading scientists and researchers for refreshing scientific views, and by opportunities for establishing long term international collaborations. Therefore, this conference will surely be a memorable event.
We are very interested in your article  Anticardiolipin antibodies as markers of physiologic stress: a case study of idiopathic stroke in a young adult that were published in Medical Hypotheses. This article includes some novel conceptions, which may impress the worldwide experts in your field. The EPS Global International Forum of Analytical Science will present an excellent opportunity for you to introduce this article to the worldwide experts, highlighting the great significance of your research achievement. I believe you will enjoy the casual and interactive settings of this meeting. 
This conference will be hosted by the EPS Inc. of Canada. As one of the leading organizers of science meetings in the world, EPS will be proud to serve the conference with high-quality organizing of meeting, and warm sincere reception and hospitality to participants. With abundant experiences of organizing numerous significant and successful international academic events, the organizers are confident that the EPS Global International Forum of Analytical Science will be one of the highest-level international events in Thailand.
Bangkok is the capital, largest urban area and primary city of Thailand. Bangkok has been Thailand’s dominant city since the eighteenth century. The choice of conference venue in this city enables us to prepare the conference at a high standard of comfort with an atmosphere of friendliness. When joining us in Bangkok, you will be enjoying the modern city landscape, the feeling of Southeast Asia, rich historical relics and monuments and humanism sites as well as the vibrant and colourful city life.
We look forward very much to welcoming you to the conference in the charming city of Bangkok.
Organizing Committee of  EPS Global International Forum of Analytical Science, EPS Inc.”
Dr. Christopher Segler is an internationally recognized researcher and lecturer who specializes in sports medicine foot injuries, running injuries and reconstructive foot surgery. He practices in podiatry in San Francisco, Marin, and The East Bay. He provides second opinions world-wide via web-conferencing and telephone for running injuries and complicated foot and ankle surgery.  If you have a question about foot surgery or a running injury you can reach him directly at 415-308-0833