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San Francisco Ankle Doc adds Ankle Rehab Home Exercises for Ankle Sprain Recovery

If you had a serious ankle sprain and were treated by Dr. Segler in the San Francisco Bay Area you can now access the ankle sprain rehabilitation exercises that Dr. Segler recommends you perform at home.  When you roll your ankle and suffer a Grade II ankle sprain you have little partial tears in the ankle ligaments.  If you have a Grade III ankle sprain, that means you have at least one completely torn ligament. When you tear the ankle ligaments, the ankle becomes weak and unstable after the sprain.  The main goal of ankle sprain rehab treatment is to restore the strength to the ankle.

One of the biggest avoidable problems after an ankle sprain is that the ankle can become unstable. If you develop chronic ankle instability, you are more at risk for repeated ankle sprains, ankle arthritis and even a broken ankle.  No matter how bad the ankle sprain, you can re-train the muscles and tendons that support the ankle.  If done properly, these muscles and tendons can counteract the weak ligaments in the ankle.  But to do this, you have to gradually increase ankle flexibility, strengthen the ankle, and restore proprioception and balance.  The protocol Dr. Segler designed and recommends for his ankle sprain patients can be accessed, downloaded and printed here.  After he has seen you and treated the initial injury, you should follow these instructions.  Make sure you call and talk with the doctor before you begin te ankle exercises in a new phase of treatment.  Make sure you call to discuss your progress or any concerns with Dr. Segler as you begin the exercises or advance to the next phase of rehabilitation.  He is on call and available for his patients 24/7.

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Ankle Sprain Recovery Phase II: Active Ankle Strengthening Exercises to Restore Ankle Strength 

Ankle Sprain Recovery Phase III: Ankle Proprioceptive Exercises to Restore Ankle Balance

Dr. Christopher Segler is a podiatrist and ankle surgeon who has won an award for his research on diagnosing subtle fractures involving the ankle that are often intially thought to be only ankle sprains. He believes that because your feet and ankles are so critical to enjoying the Bay Area, you should see the very best ankle sprain doctor you can find. Fortunately, San Francisco has many of the best ankle sprain specialists in the United States practicing right here. He offers emergency house calls for ankle sprains 24/7 so that you can start healing right away.  If you have had an ankle sprain and have a question about ankle sprain treatment, you can reach him directly at (415) 308-0833