Doc On The Run lectures to podiatrists on Runner's Heel Pain - DOC

Doc On The Run lectures to podiatrists on Runner’s Heel Pain

Dr Christopher Segler, (Doc On The Run) was invited to speak to podiatrists, foot surgeons and sports medicine doctors about Runner’s Heel Pain. The  seminar was organized by International Foot and Ankle Foundation and was co-sponsored by the Hawaii Podiatric Medical Association and was held Oct 15 – 22, 2016 at Grand Hyatt Kauai, Koloa, Hawaii, United States of America.

The intent of the presentation was to help other physicians learn the differences between the various conditions that cause heel pain in runners, and help them appreciate a different approach to activity. Dr. Segler believes that most runners can run with plantar fasciitis and most other forms of runner’s heel pain, if some simple but innovated principles are followed.

When asked what surprised him Dr. Segler said, “I found it interesting that many podiatrists said they almost never see partial ruptures of the plantar fascia, yet I see more cases of runners with a torn plantar fascia than I do of true plantar fasciitis.” This may be because Dr. Segler has a practiced that is so highly focused on active runners. He theorized that most runners with plantar fasciitis must use self-treatment options like the book he wrote on runner’s heel pain, the course he created on Runner’s Heel Pain, or any of the other home remedy and self-treatment options now available online when they have plantar fasciitis.

“Only the toughest cases and misdiagnosed cases of runner’s heel pain seem to find their way into my practice.” says Dr. Segler.

The one thing that Dr. Segler made clear was that some cases of runner’s heel pain will heal much faster without running through the pain…such as partial ruptures of the plantar fascia and calcaneal stress fractures. But, Dr. Segler claims that even serious injuries such as stress fractures can heal fast, even if the runner is exercising, but only with an innovative approach from the doctor and continual feedback from the injured runner.

“As long as the doctor understand the goal of the runner, the two can work as a team to optimize healing, speed recovery and keep the runner as fit as possible. Maximizing fitness to support the injured athlete should be the physician’s goal.” says Dr. Segler.