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Can I run with a stress fracture in my foot?

San Francisco podiatrist on runner stress fractures

As a runner, triathlete and podiatrist in San Francisco, one of the questions I get most often from other runners is whether or not they should run when think they have a stress fracture in the foot.  This should help explain what will happen if you run and you do have a stress fracture.  

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Ankle Sprain First Aid: by San Francisco Ankle Doc

What To Do Before You See An Ankle Doctor

Ankle Sprain San Francisco Best Initial TreatmentThe most important goal of ankle sprain treatment is to stop the pain and inflammation and prevent further damage. When you roll your ankle, and suffer an ankle sprain, you get torn ligaments.  All of that tissue damage creates pain and inflammation.  The immediate goal of any ankle injury is to prevent any further damage to the injured ankle and stop the pain and swelling. These instructions outline the most effective ankle sprain first aid and the best at home treatment for an acute ankle sprain.

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Hospital Deaths Increase In Month of July

It has long been known that all new doctor’s-in-training (called interns, residents and fellows) start the month of July with huge new responsibilities and very little experience.  This produces the “July Effect” which can lead to medication related deaths and surgical errors in teaching hospitals.  A new California study published on June 3, 2010 found […]

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Bad Medicine for Marathon Runners – By San Francisco Podiatrist

Marathon training is tough.  It takes a lot of time and dedication.  Somewhere along the line, you might get sick or injured while training. If you do, you might want to think twice before reaching for that ibuprofen or taking those antibiotics. This new article by marathon runner and San Francisco’s award-winning podiatrist explains why some commonly […]

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New Ankle Sprain Patient Testimonial

San Francisco Ankle Sprain Patient Testimonial: “I highly recommend Dr. Christopher Segler at Doc On The Run. Dr. Segler looked at my badly sprained, and still swollen, ankle a week after I had been to acute care at UCSF, (where x-rays showed no broken bones, so they told me to stay off of it, gave me […]

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Medications runners should avoid explained by San Francisco podiatrist.

Almost every runner or triathlete becomes sick, sore or injured at some time during running training.  But some medications are better for runners than others.  As an athlete in training you need to know which medicines help and which can harm your fitness.  A new article by San Francisco’s podiatrist, runner and Ironman triathlete explains why you […]

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Our Patients Love Us!

Chattanooga Podiatrist Patient TestimonialsHow do you know you’ll get the very best care in San Francisco from us?  Don’t take our word for it… just listen to what our patients say. We believe that patient testimonials speak volumes. We are grateful for all of those who choose us to help when a foot or ankle problem starts to slow them down. Your active life can begin again!


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Foot Surgeon Education Center

Surgeons who belong to the Master Foot & Ankle Surgeon Golden Scalpel Group can have access to all of Dr. Segler’s patented surgical techniques, published methods of pain reduction after foot surgery, and the latest advanced from all of the different topics related to his award winning foot and ankle research. You too can learn all of the techniques to become the very best foot and ankle surgeon in your community.

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