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Thank you Dr. Segler!

Finished Ironman Santa Rosa, the other day with no foot issues! Thanks so much. Pain was gone as if nothing happened 2 weeks after our appt. Could a cuboid stress reaction/peroneal tenosynovitis heal that fast? Thanks again! Gary M, San Ramon, CA

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Final Surge Podcast with Doc On The Run

Today we welcome Dr. Chris Segler who was a competitive triathlete and is a doctor who specializes in working with endurance athletes. I first found Chris on his Doc On The Run podcast. Chris has an attitude of keeping the athlete going if at all possible while working through an injury and we talk about […]

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Doc On The Run was invited to lecture on Runners Heel: Pearls for Podiatric Physicians at the International Foot & Ankle Foundation Meeting conference at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

The attendees to this conference included podiatrists, foot and ankle surgeons and sports medicine specialists. The lecture was on runner’s heel pain and I was discussing the differences between plantar fasciitis, infracalcaneal bursitis, neuritis and stress fractures of the heel bone. Listen to the podcast here!

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Runner’s Connect Podcast with Dr. Christopher Segler – “Why You Shouldn’t Take Time Off When Injured”

Why You Shouldn’t Take Time Off When Injured – Dr. Christopher Segler Most of us have been there. You’re in the thick of training just a few weeks away from your big goal race, and then one morning you step out of bed to discover a new pain – a pain far worse than the […]

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Pro Triathlete Jess Smith on Training and Racing During and After Pregnancy

Subscribe: iTunes | Android Today on the Doc On The Run we’re talking with Pro Triathlete Jess Smith about all the special considerations surrounding running, training and maintaining fitness before and after pregnancy. Dr. Chris Segler: Jess is an amazing athlete. She got a Kona slot in only her second Ironman and then became the […]

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Doc On The Run lectures to podiatrists on Runner’s Heel Pain

Dr Christopher Segler, (Doc On The Run) was invited to speak to podiatrists, foot surgeons and sports medicine doctors about Runner’s Heel Pain. The  seminar was organized by International Foot and Ankle Foundation and was co-sponsored by the Hawaii Podiatric Medical Association and was held Oct 15 – 22, 2016 at Grand Hyatt Kauai, Koloa, Hawaii, […]

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“Doc On The Run” sets world record in 5 mile distance.

San Francisco Based podiatrist Dr. Christopher Segler set a new world record in the 5 mile distance in Perth, Ontario, Canada…well, kinda! In truth, it was a new world record which will be recorded in the 2016 Guinness Book of World Records. But not to be confused, “Doc On The Run” did not do this […]

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San Francisco Podiatrist Wins Half Marathon

Dr. Christopher Segler, a San Francisco-based sports medicine podiatrist and foot surgeon ran the China Camp Challenge half marathon trail race on Saturday February 7, 2015. The race was set on the trails in the China camp state park in San Rafael California.

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San Francisco Podiatrist Runs Houston Marathon

Dr. Christopher Segler a sports medicine podiatrist based in San Francisco ran the 2012 Chevron Houston Marathon. He says the course was fun, flat and fast.

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Custom Orthotics for Runners

Custom orthotics are simply the best way to correct subtle imbalances in the foot and ankle that can lead to running injuries. A custom orthotic is not just an arch support or a custom foot bed with extra cushioning. A custom running orthotic is a completely custom made medical device designed to control abnormal motion, correct for alignment problems and correct faulty biomechanics that can lead to running-related injury.

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