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Why Do Bunions Hurt In Winter?

Why Do Bunions Hurt In Winter? Book Online

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Why Do Bunions Get Worse?

Bunions are a progressive deformity. This means that they will typically get worse over time. It is true that the foot becomes more unstable as the bunion gets bigger.  This means that it will often get worse at faster rate over the years. Having said that, it is unpredictable as to just how fast the […]

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Ankle Anatomy

The ankle has 3 major bones, the tibia (the large inside “shin” bone), the fibula (the outside narrow bone), and the talus (the foot bone that fits inside the ball-and-socket joint).  Three main ligaments, or straps, hold the ankle bones together:    Anterior TalofibularCalcaneal FibularPosterior Talofibular   When an ankle is sprained, the ligaments above can stretch, […]

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New Treatments Stop Heel Pain

/anklecenter/images/newsite/news5display/heelpain.jpg Because we see so many athletes and just plain active folks, we always seek biologic treatments first.  A “biologic” treatment is one that preserves your normal anatomy with surgical destruction. Biologic treatments include advanced treatment injections for tendons and ligaments, shock-wave therapy for chronic heel pain or cartilage repair and joint preservation for arthritis.  A […]

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