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Bunion Treatment

Some bunions can be  managed without surgery, and foot specialists emphasize that prevention is always best. To minimize the chance of developing a bunion, choose shoes that have square/flared toe ends. Shoes, which are short, tight, or sharply pointed must be avoided. No other primate suffers from bunions as homo sapiens is the only species that wears shoes.

Also, avoid high-heeled shoes if you already have bunions, as they push the foot tight into the toe area. If you are developing a bunion, wear shoes that are roomy enough not to put pressure on it, which should help with a large amount of the pain associated with a bunion. If bunions are left untreated, they can lead to the risk of serious infection in some patients (such as people with diabetes).


Surgery is the main treatment for bunions since it is a fixed bony deformity. A patient can expect a 6- to 8-week recovery period, but most can walk without crutches while recovering. Other measures include various footwear like gelled toe spacers, bunion pads, toes separators, bunion regulators, bunion splints, and bunion cushions.