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Runner Experience with Dr Segler in San Francisco

Dr. Segler is different in that I felt heard, didn’t feel patronized and I felt like he prioritized getting me back to running as soon possible as much as I did. – runner in San Francisco

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Doc On The Run gives an amazing interview on How to Prevent and Treat a Sprained Ankle when Hiking in the Wilderness

Say you’re out hiking in the middle of nowhere and BAAM!  You turn your ankle!  Dr. Segler gives us an amazing interview on what to do if you twist your ankle and think you’ve sprained it, how to prevent such injuries in the first place, why buying too big of hiking shoes or boots may not be the best idea, […]

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A Physicians Perspective on Patients and Healing with Doc On The Run

In this episode Dr. Chris Segler speaks of his experience as a physician working in a traditional practice that accepts health insurance, and why he switched to a private practice that does not accept insurance, and why this is better for both the patient and the doctor. He also explains why when out of network, […]

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